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Lynne Wilton

Property Mentor, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Investor, Author.

Who is Lynne Wilton?

As the founder and director of Solid Investment Property Lynne Wilton  is a recognised industry mentor who specialises in the Australian marketplace for Property Investments. She is passionate about helping people make more informed choices in creating a property investment portfolio.

Lynne began her own property portfolio at the age of 24 and is a big believer in buying good property in a good location surrounded by good emenities. Lynne defines a property as 'good' if it is a location that would bring a high rental demand and thus good rent return, and she never reccomends a property that she herself would not invest in.

"It's not about getting rich quick or making $3.5 million in 12 months; it's about building steady, stable and long lasting financial security to put your Future-First" 

Lynne's program

Lynne's 23 years of experience in the property investing market has helped her develop a profound knowledge and sound formula to invest in a property. 

Today Lynne has owned over 28 properties in either her own name, Self Managed Superannuation Fund, Company and Trust. She has an incredibly infectious can-do attitude and a genuine desire to see people succeed.

Lynne's entrepreneurial ability to think outside the square when it comes to saving money and creating additional cash flow for an investment opportunity is second to none and has been praised by many of her clients.

Lynne and her team also work closely with a financial mortgagor and advisor who shares her intense passion for helping their clients to feel secure and confident in investing in property. 

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If you have an interest in property investment or would like to see how property can work for you, please register for one of Lynne's Investment Seminars and come and let us show you how you too can build a bright and solid financial future.